Learning The Importance Of A Social Media Calendar

It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that a social media calendar can be a real lifesaver especially if you're a ...

It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that a social media calendar can be a real lifesaver especially if you're a busy social media marketer. When you're posting content on the fly, there are chances that your content might contain some typos or any other mistakes. Thus, it's safer as well as efficient to dedicate a special time during your day to tweak, create, schedule & proofread your social media posts/content. 

Apart from making your workday less challenging, a social media calendar can also help you create effective content day-in, day-out. As a result, your content will reach the most amount of audience engagement over time. Thus, to help you learn more about the significance of a social media calendar, we have created this comprehensive guide that you should go through in detail.

What Do You Mean By A Social Media Calendar?

According to a reliable content marketing consultant, a social media calendar is a strict overview of the timeline of your upcoming posts on social media. You can organise a social media calendar in the form of an interactive dashboard, spreadsheet or even a Google Calendar. 

Usually, a social media calendar should contain the following set of information for each social media post:

  • The time and date when the post will go live on social media. 
  • The name as well as the account of the social media where it will be posted. 
  • The creative assets required to complete the action.
  • The tags & links that are to be posted with the same.

Reasons To Use A Social Media Calendar

  1. Helps In Proper Organisation & Saving Time

It should be learned that social media content posting & creation takes a considerable amount of time & energy every day. So, with the help of a social media calendar, you’ll be able to plan your tasks ahead and thereby avoid multi-tasking. Furthermore, you’ll be able to schedule your social media posts, so that you don’t have to worry about posting your content at the correct moment. 


According to reports, the average internet user uses more than seven social media platforms and you can expect the number to be higher for social media marketers. Thus, you need to get yourself organised using a social media calendar, otherwise, it will be impossible for you to deal with the scope of work. 


Moreover, when you plan your content, you'll be able to save time and invest the same in other avenues of interest such as campaign brainstorming and strategic planning. 


  1. Helps In Taking Time Off

Just like a real-life calendar helps you to know the holiday dates, a social media calendar will also help you to know when it's the time to post on social media and when you have free time. 

  1. Helps In Maintaining Consistency

When it comes to posting content on social media, there’s no hard & fast rule that you have to follow. However, according to a professional for corporate video production services, there are some generally accepted principles that you need to follow. And one of them includes – posting consistently. 

When you stick to a consistent schedule, you and your followers will create a real synergy. As a result, your audience will know what to expect from you and thus proper engagement will be created on each post.

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