We specialise in high quality video production, tight turnarounds and unrivalled expertise in the automotive industry. Our content is full 4k resolution, with outputs suitable across a range of mediums.

We also offer a same day or 24 hour turnaround service including filming and editing the final video file.


The ability to portray your services within a video is very important.

You want to delivery your message creatively and effectively to both existing, and potential new clientele.


Video works wonders marketing your product or brand to the world

We will empower your audience with the emotions surrounding your product or service.


Having online creative content allows you to engage your audience more frequently not only keeping your social media pages/websites active but generating a larger reach.

There’s also more opportunity to have fun with social media content, whilst staying true to your brand identity.


Going commercial is another powerful pathway to display to the world your advertisement.

Mainly used for TV, YouTube or Cinema advertising, our team will structure the best possible solution we plan to engage your target market in a short TV/Promotional Stub.


We know the effort put in to making a successful event, be it large or small. Our team will ensure that every moment of the event that you’ve spent the long yards planning is captures.

We offer a range of event coverage from private corporate events, all the way up to festivals and concerts. We can even implement media prior to the event, to be used IN the event!



We have a large history of clients within Australia & worldwide inside the automotive industry.

We have a dedicated team that specializes specifically in the automotive fields from automotive brands, aftermarket automotive component brands, automotive workshops and more. We have worked with such brands as Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani and many more. We are also car enthusiasts ourselves and are well associated with many car clubs around Australia.

A Melbourne Video Production Company That Helps Drive The Right Results For Your Business

Video production has become an essential part of any modern and holistic marketing strategy. Businesses that don’t adapt are at risk of losing clients to rivals. But creating a video-powered marketing strategy, producing the marketing video, and making sure it drives conversions is a lot of challenging work.

That’s where our expertise as a video production company based out of Melbourne can help. We are equipped with the knowledge and the tools needed to help your business with cutting edge video production services.

Our high-quality video production process and our capability of delivering fast results without a compromise on quality makes us the best choice for your video production needs. Combining your ideas with our creative vision, we will create striking marketing videos that will enthral your and your potential clients.

We specialise in delivering your brand’s message effectively through a range of video services including, but not limited to, event videos, corporate videos, product videos, employee training videos and advertisements. Our knack for corporate video production is guaranteed to drive the results you desire for your business.

We are one of the best video production companies, and not only in Melbourne, but across Australia. Don’t take our word for it, read through our reviews and find out yourself.

Our Melbourne video production company is equipped and ready to provide help with corporate video production, video editing, video advertisements and everything video in between.



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Automotive Video Production Australia

Our association with automotive video production goes a long way back. To say that automotive video production is our specialisation would be an understatement. 

Our passion towards automotive video and our experience have enabled us to build the expertise needed to produce top-notch content for our clients. Our portfolio features well-known names like Maserati, Bentley, Mustang Motorsport, and many more. Our clients exist throughout and beyond Australia. 

Creating automotive video content comes naturally to us, and we offer our services in a variety of automotive fields. Australia is home to a competitive automotive market, and brands need to understand the sensibilities and expectations of locals. Our job as an automotive video production company is to bring our clients closer to these sensibilities and create automotive video campaigns around them, ultimately delivering their customers with content that is appealing and relevant. 

We have what it takes for a video production company to highlight and bring out the details that Australian automotive enthusiasts are looking for when they view product videos. Our research, years of experience and creative proficiency allows us to create breathtaking, emotionally appealing and visually stunning automotive videos catering to the Australian public.

Be it motion graphics, website video, promotional videos or any other video project related to the automotive industry, our dedicated team has the tools and the experience to do justice to it.

Video Production Process

Fail to plan, plan to fail. Our focus is always on strategic and advanced planning, enabling us to execute to the highest capacity.
We create high-quality and expert content, marketing plans, social campaigns and content strategies guaranteed to grow your brand online.
With a strong emphasis on the hand over of projects, we plan with you how the videos or imagery are going to be marketed, to ensure the content is used to its full potential.



We typically offer a ‘same- day’ edit, with a strong understanding of viral content and the fast pace of the social media world, our ability to move fast is unmatched.


If there’s another piece of content we can create, or a clip that can be repurposed, we go above and beyond to provide additional value, exceeding expectations.


Our network enables us to access and source vehicles and locations for shoots that would often be impossible for others.


What Makes Us Different?

Our ability to ideate, create and deliver the best quality video content for our clients faster than anyone else sets us apart from the competition. Be it corporate video production, professional video of any other kind, automotive video, event coverage, advertising for TV and beyond, Bez Media has been a pioneer in producing world-class video content solutions. 

When it comes to corporate video production, as a corporate video production company, we offer the most topical, latest trend aware, high quality, content-rich and creative video production. Our spotless service track record and the testimony of our clientele is our proud achievement as one of the leading video production companies in Australia. 

The area where our video production skills shine the brightest is the automotive industry. Our work experience with the big players in the field, as our clients, has helped us learn and build on our pre-existing automotive video knowledge and skills. 

What truly makes us different is the uncompromising work ethic of our team, irrespective of the nature of the industry that we work with. Our diverse portfolio of satisfied clients is a testament to our team’s unrelenting efforts to maintain the quality of our work with all our clients. We are committed to taking your business to greater heights through our video production.